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Healer2Healer envisions a world where every community has access to healthcare and where healing practices of all modalities are taught and passed on from community to community, generation to generation.


Healer2Healer provides a platform to exchange indigenous knowledge on multiple levels.

  • We strive to empower indigenous healers with alternative medicine training (acupuncture, Reiki, massage, etc.) and organizational skills to improve their own practices in order to pass on their training to nearby communities.

  • We strive to empower practitioners and students of alternative medicine with healing techniques taught by specialized acupuncturists training in TCM, Reiki Masters and by authentic indigenous healers.

How It Started

Healer2Healer started out of a small apartment in New York City in 2010 with a group of 16 acupuncturists, Reiki practitoners and students travelling to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and a holding free, week long clinic in 3 rural villages. In these communities, the indigenous healers were eager to learn and adopt the modalities of treatment that Healer2Healer was providing and have continued hosting these exchanges.

Unlike Western medicine that is typically provided by international NGOs, the types of treatments provided and taught by Healer2Healer are inexpensive and practical for the indigenous healers and their communities. The holistic approach of Healer2Healer legitimizes the art of healing for many of the indigenous healers that have been persecuted at times for practicing their own healing traditions. These groups have come to trust and respect our integrity and intentions to help them, so now they begin sharing their healing methods with us.

Where We're Going

Inspired by the commitment to learning and the resonance of holistic medicine in the indigenous communities, Healer2Healer began collaborating with organized indigenous women's groups in Guatemala to extend the reach of the training. The women's groups get training from Healer2Healer and then eventually pass on that training to other communities that Healer2Healer cannot reach directly, yet we perceive our efforts extending to geographic areas beyond our capacities to safely travel.

Healer2Healer also recognizes that indigenous healers are essentially small business owners and entrepreneurs. With the skills that they receive from training, they are able to offer new services in their communities which can bring with it new economic opportunities. Healer2Healer's goal is that with guidance and support they will eventually operate independently and continue to transfer knowledge from community to community and generation to generation.

Through the use of web- and laptop-technology, Healer2Healer will provide more training opportunities and an online community where indigenous healers, practitioners, and students can connect with each other to answer questions and provide on-going support and professional follow-up to solidify commitment and stewardship in communities we touch.

+1 (646) 943-3105
New York, NY U.S.A

Participants from all over the world are encouraged to apply!

Board of Directors

Frederic Bernal Lim - Founder and President
Frederic Bernal Lim, MSc-Edu, has been an educator with over 13 years experience teaching at the top universities in Guatemala and more recently as associate professor at Columbia University, New York. He is currently a learning specialist consultant at a charter school in Harlem, New York.

He began his career in the 1990's with a U.S. bachelor's degree in International Economics and Finance and has worked in Berliner Bank, Germany and Citibank, Zurich, Switzerland. He became an independent trade facilitator based in Hong Kong for U.S.-made products for Asian markets.

His passion for alternative and complementary medicine emerged from a business venture he undertook in Guatemala in 1998 co-establishing a company, which dispatched planes for medical emergencies. In 2010, Frederic founded the non-profit Healer2Healer as a means for medical attention to reach under-served communities with free clinics and to empower indigenous healers with training.

His life passion is to combine education and health on a global scale with learning-based technology toward better-integrated health care using natural healing traditions from around the world, working with underserved groups in developing countries. This proactive and balanced exchange of medicinal knowledge respects and greatly empowers students and women's groups to heal their rural communities afflicted by poverty, genocidal war, and national neglect.

Tom Nash - Director of Clinic
Tom Nash, MA, MS, L.Ac is a New York state licensed and nationally board certified practitioner of acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Tom had a 25 year career in Mental Health and Addictive Disease medicine working in clinical settings with psychiatric, community mental health, and addictive disease programs. He graduated from New York College of Health Professions' Graduate School of Oriental Medicine in 2003,winning both academic and clinical honors. As a Resident Scholar, Tom did advanced studies in TCM Gynecology and Japanese acupuncture techniques and served as the Clinic Director, Chair of the Oriental Science Department, Director of the Master's Thesis and Comprehensive Exam programs, and Senior Faculty Adviser and special assistant to the Dean.

Elizabeth Schoultz - Director of Steering Committee
Elizabeth Schoultz, MS, L. Ac. completed pre-medical studies at Prescott College in Prescott, AZ, including clinic experience with Prescott County Hospital's pathology director, working in the autopsy specialist department. Elizabeth chose to pursue her heart's calling to the field of alternative medicine. She learned nutrition, western herbal therapies, several forms of direct physical as well as physcic healing, and is a USUI Reiki Master. She graduated from Santa Fe, NM, Academy of Massage and Physio-Therapy's intensive naturopathic-massage school; the Berkeley, CA, Center of Well Being's intensive body and energy work training; and the Berkeley Psychic Institute's psychic reading and healing program.

Elizabeth graduated from Tri-State Collage of Acupuncture, New York, NY, in 1991, and from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine's Chinese Medicinal Herbal program in 2009. She has built and maintained a private practice in New York City since 1991. Elizabeth practiced at Sidney Hillman Center's special service program for HIV positive and indigent people, with Beth Israel Hospital. Her focuses are musculoskeletal pain resolution, gastrointestinal healing, and gynecological concerns, particularly conception and pregnancy care. She is an avid falconer and a published author on falconry.

Leander Murphy - Treasurer
Leander Murphy, B.A. in Economics, Trust Manager, Experience in Risk Management (Morgan Stanley, NYC), Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity (NJ, PA), Student of Acupuncture, graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics in 1999 and jumped into the technology industry during the dot com boom. He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Acupuncture while working at Spoon, a software startup in Seattle. As part of the Healer2Healer organization, Leander is Treasurer and website administrator. He is inspired by the positive patients' comments during community clinics--where healers apply what they have learned and pass on their knowledge to patients.

Kristin Reed - Secretary
Kristin Reed is a painter and graphic designer. She came to the field of alternative healing through learning Reiki in Sedona, AZ. Currently she is a l0-year Reiki Master/Teacher, member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) and a Reiki Master Associate of the international Center for Reiki Training, while maintaining a studio artist residency with at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in NYC. She has treated clients at Sloane Kettering, Bellevue and Beth Israel. Kristin volunteers in NYC community centers including September Space for World Cares, Greater Chinatown Community Association and Good Shepherd Services for SPARK. With Kristin has participated in clinics and training in Guatemala and Peru. She is inspired by training the Q'anil Women's group in Quiche, Guatemala, who approach Reiki from within their own Mayan cultural healing perspective.


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