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Healer2Healer is an international organization that brings volunteer alternative medicine practitioners – such as acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, and medical massage therapists – to rural indigenous communities.

Our members are professionally licensed or certified alternative medicine practitioners and students, selected for their ability to work together as a small team of volunteers. In the process they learn from each other, and from local healers.

Current Clinics

Iquitos Clinic


Healers who are involved in natural healing modalities from around the globe, are wholeheartedly invited to join Paititi Institute and Healer2Healer for the Cultural Healing exchange program at the Paititi Institute in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Join us and help the Amazonian native and indigenous people to heal and improve their living conditions.

Guatemala City

Guatemala City

Healer2Healer endeavors to push the research of alternative medicine to treat more and more forms of illness. We are currently working toward a partnership with a cancer hospital, INCAN in Guatemala City.



Quiché is a much-affected area where emotional trauma from personal war tragedies that still reverberates in the Maya towns and communities. Auricular acupuncture and ancillary treatments (cupping, moxa), and Reiki help calm the mind of those traumas that linger.



You will discover your Mayan Birth Glyph; participate in Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremonies; visit and learn about several of the most impressive of the ancient Mayan sites; become familiar with the flora and fauna and their place in local diversity; learn about Mayan and Toltec Cosmology; enjoy different types of indigenous music from marimba to flute to guitar.


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