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Healer2Healer endeavors to push the research of alternative medicine to treat more and more forms of illness. We are currently working toward a partnership with a cancer hospital, INCAN in Guatemala City.

As part of Healer2Healer's parnterships in Guatemala, there are trips to Herman Pedro’s Orphanage hosted by Dr. Lesley Pierce. Participants are given the opportunity to spend several hours with some of the patients in the different wards of the orphanage and hospital. Much time is typically spent in the section of newborn babies with birth defect where Dr. Pierce volunteers and has her “Early Stimulation Program”. The Healer2Healer group plays with the kids, talks to them, feeds them, holds them.

We would like to expand our presence in Antigua to some degree where the Mayor Dr. Vivar and his wife awarded all of us with certificates for the public work we did, treating 500+ patients over 4 days at 2 sites, after Unification Maya week, and they welcome us back.


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