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N.A.D.A. training in opportunity in Peten

Hello H2H Group!

This announcement is an extraordinary opportunity for those interested in receiving N.A.D.A. training in Peten, Guatemala this December as part of the Healer2Healer trip. This is a rare chance to receive training from a N.A.D.A. specialist that trains internationally.

The cost for this special training is $300 -- a truly special price when compared to N.A.D.A. trainings in the US, which are typically $800 plus. This is an optional training made available to you.

Dates: Training will take place during the clinic days December 25th-30th. Refer to the Peten trip page for details.

Healer performing N.A.D.A. treatment

N.A.D.A. Equipment Kit

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If you have already paid to go on the H2H Peten Dec 2012 trip, please email with subject N.A.D.A. in Peten to confirm participation in this N.A.D.A. training.

If you are new to apply, please email with subject H2H Peten, Guatemala Dec 2012 and submit a form.

What you get includes:

  • N.A.D.A. Manual
  • Materials sufficient to sustain ear treatments for about one month
  • An equipment kit which inclides biohazard container for needle disposal, ear-seeds and other supplies to implement auricular acupuncture
  • A Healer2Healer N.A.D.A. Certificate specifying the number of hours of trainging that may be applied toward training in the US
  • Assessment tools and programs for apprentices
  • Technical support by phone and email for apprentices and programs


How is this N.A.D.A. training different from Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) trainings in the US?
N.A.D.A. training in the US involves 30 hours didactic training, which is good, but involves a lot of sitting and listening and is primarily focused on treating addictions. The N.A.D.A. training with H2H in Guatemala provides a unique model combining didactic and practical N.A.D.A. training. This is the model that has been successfully used in the third world and disaster relief contexts. To see the program in action watch this video about Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB).

Julia Raneri has been conducting these types of trainings internationally, particularly in Latin America, since the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras in 1998. This special H2H opportunity provides excellent experience for any acupuncturist wanting to learn more about international acupuncture capacity building, disaster relief, and empowering local communities.

How can I find out more about the training?
Email us at with your questions.

We hope you join us! Space is limited, sign up now.


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