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Quiché is a much-affected area where emotional trauma from personal war tragedies that still reverberates in the Maya towns and communities. Auricular acupuncture and ancillary treatments (cupping, moxa), and Reiki help calm the mind of those traumas that linger. Your healing hands can help.

The Qanil Women observed that the protocols “give a greater sense of well-being for the patients”. This is a paramount step toward community healing! You will add to the health of the community as well as get valuable community clinic experience. Acupuncture students say that they bring back a refreshing experiential perspective that enhances their studies.

Licensed healthcare practitioners say that they renew and reaffirm their professional purpose. LAc’s also receive valuable continuing education units; students of NADA get hours of field experience credit. The H2H program includes unforgettable clinic days, practice and trainings in acupuncture, H2H protocol, Reiki, auricular (5-points and Battlefield), moxa, and cupping (approx. 40-50 hours).


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