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Gyreum, October 2012, Sligo, Ireland
This is an extraordinary building in Ireland where Healer2Healer would like to have a indigenous knowledge retreat to learn about the Celtic and Druid healing traditions. We are still planning this trip as an educational-fundraiser for the indigenous communities that we support in Central and South Americas.

New York Reiki Conference, September 2012, New York, USA
The NY Reiki Conference provides a forum for the presentation of Reiki information and experience with a focus on the greater NY region. It also serves as a networking venue for anyone practicing, affiliated with, or interested in Reiki. Thank you to Kristin Reed of Healing Reiki Energy,, and Geordie Numata of Deer Spirit Reiki,, for attending on behalf of Healer2Healer.

The Huddle, September 2012, Denver, Colorado, USA
This two-day gathering on experiential education in social entrepreneurship in Denver, CO brought university and faculty together from 100+ universities worldwide. Healer2Healer was there to develop social innovations for campus communities and to identify opportunities for enhanced engagement.

ASHOKA Youth Venture Summit, July 2012, Washington, D.C.
The Youth Venture Summit is the annual gathering of the Youth Venture community. The conference brings together over 100 Youth Venturers and young leaders interested in creating change, as well as the adult allies and professionals—like Healer2Healer—who support young changemakers.

National Acupuncture Student Organization, April 2012, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sponsored by American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM), H2H is invited to present its program to the National Acupuncture Student Organization to spread H2H’s call for volunteers.

4th International Congress for Chinese Medicine, March 2012, Tel Aviv, Israel
The 4th International Congress for Chinese Medicine in Israel invites H2H to present its program to participants. This congress is co-hosted by the Israeli Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii (TCMCH) , February 2012, Hilo, Hawaii, USA
The Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii (TCMCH) welcomes and invites H2H to present its program to students and faculty. The North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH) welcomes H2H on a tour showing how local healing traditions and alternative medicine can integrate well with Western medical technology.

3rd Scandinavian TCM Congress, September 2011, Aalborg, Denmark
“Chinese Medicine and the Fertile Spirit: Childhood, Nourishment and Long Life” is the theme of the 3rd Scandinavian TCM Congress. How can we best nourish and support our spirit from the very start? This congress hosts 20 of the world’s leading TCM experts.

Whole Medicine: Teaming Up for Our Patients, May 2011, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Co-sponsored by American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and The Center for Integrative MedicineUniversity of Maryland Medical School.


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