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The indigenous women of Quiche, who have been training under H2H since December 2010, have requested our help to treat communities deeper into the Guatemalan Highlands of the Departamento del Quiche.

The Qanil Women’s Group has been diligently applying the acupuncture and Reiki techniques we taught them throughout the year. During the H2H Antigua-Peten trip, they mentioned a few “success” stories. One of note is that of Carmen’s. We treated Carmen as a patient on the H2H Quiche April 2010 trip for multiple uterine cysts and large uterine fibromas. She had an operation scheduled at the time she came to us. For nearly two months after that week, the Qanil Women treated her with local herbs, acupuncture, Reiki, and moxa. Carmen felt better and avoided invasive surgery. She continued to receive treatment from the women. They reported to me this December that Carmen remains cyst-free and her fibromas are negligibly smaller. Her digestion got better and she lost weight (from 180lbs to 135lbs) boosting her self-esteem.

Take the opportunity to bring your healing wisdom to many other “Carmens” in this neglected population. Included are clinics and trainings in acupuncture, H2H protocol, Reiki, auricular, moxa, and cupping.


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