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Cultural Healing Exchange: Learn from the Amazon Herself

Preparation Information

Healers who are involved in natural healing modalities from around the globe, with great diversity of natural medicine & therapy practices are wholeheartedly invited to join Paititi Institute and Healer2Healer for the Cultural Healing exchange program at the Paititi Institute in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Join us and help the Amazonian native and indigenous people to heal and improve their living conditions. We ourselves are doing this work out of deep gratitude for the healing and transformation this heritage of humanity brought into our life and are continuously disseminating the positive results of ancestral medicine and awakening all around us. The original carriers of this profound knowledge – the indigenous people - are an essential and integral part of the emerging global consciousness that we are involved in and are witnessing in our immediate environment. It is part of our purpose to manifest a complete cycle of energy exchange in the planet with community clinic and training in order to reciprocate the benefits given to the rest of the world back to the places of origin that have given us the skillful means to transcend suffering. This retreat is a powerful opportunity for healers to more deeply awaken their path of service while at the same time deepening their practice whether a student or a long time practitioner.

Program Overview

As part of an essential part of the Cultural Healing exchange program, the participants will experience first hand the Ando-Amazonian indigenous medicine and transformation practices during half the time of the stay. These healing traditions can greatly amplify the individual healing capacity of the natural medicine practitioners. The contribution will cover up to three (3) ceremonies. The other half of the stay will be dedicated to the healing campaigns (clinic and training) that involve treating hundreds of local people from a wide range of health conditions both in their native villages and/or on the grounds of the Paititi Institute. Participants will experience four (4) days of clinic. The program is an ongoing program and the schedule will vary depending on when you visit and what other programs are happening during your stay. At the Paititi Institute we often have patients in medicine retreats. During this time, Cultural Healing Exchange participants may also be involved in working with these patients on site. As part of this program, participants will also have an opportunity to learn about many medicinal plants of the Amazon and may be able to contri-bute to our current research and cataloging projects, which involve classifying Amazonian medicinal plants within the Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Elements system.


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